6 Content Marketing Aims You Should Know In 2022

Hello, in this post today I’ll be taking you through a short guide on 6 Aims of Content Marketing You should In 2022

As well as talking through content marketing as a whole.

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Let’s dig into the Content Marketing Aims


What is Content Marketing all about?

Content Marketing is all content made to educate, inform, or entertain a future client.

It’s the energy of Inbound Marketing.

The idea is to inform people so that, in the future, they not only admire your brand and have it as a reference but also so that they also become familiar guests of your company.

We can say that the meaning of Content Marketing is fairly new.

Still, its operations were formerly a reality even before the digital age.

Yes, Offline Content Marketing exists and it has for a long time!

But how?

Content Marketing isn’t part of Inbound Marketing?

How could it have been existing long before the rise of the internet?

Possible Origin of Content Marketing?

Let’s contextualize historically with a classic illustration.

In 1895, John Deere, a leading company in the agricultural machinery segment, published the first edition of the magazine “The Furrow”.

The publication still circulates around and concentrates on issues related to agriculture.

With that magazine, John Deere took a risk and chose to give out content to the public interested in agriculture rather than simply creating advertisements promoting the products that the company manufactures.

It’s true that not everyone is a reader of the magazine which John Deere tractors possess, but by consuming information about the brand, they could discover wrongs that they judged to be lacking until then.

And feeling the need to make a purchase, they would go for a trusted brand.

In other words, the magazine fulfills exactly the purpose of the notion:

“Educate the public, Gain authority on the subject and impact the purchase decision.”

It’s one of the first records of Content Marketing and since then several brands have made use of the practice.

In short, Content Marketing is talking about your niche.

Ok, now that we’re talking about the concept of Content Marketing, you may be wondering…..

“why should I produce content if I can create advertisements displaying my product?”

Keep reading the following headings If you still don’t understand what the great advantages of a Content Marketing strategy are compared to a traditional marketing strategy.

Eventually, Content Marketing succeeded in achieving what conventional marketing was unfit to do.

Red Bull, GoPro, McDonald’s, Samsung, Walmart, SalesForce, General Electric, and other market giants formerly do Content Marketing.


There are 6 content marketing aims and I’ll be sharing them with you below…

  1. It Helps To Boost Your Visibility On The Internet.
  2. It Increases Interactions With Your Brand.
  3. To Help Nurture Your Lead Base.
  4. To Reduce The Cost Of Customer Acquisition.
  5. It Gains Public Trust And Acquires Spokespersons For Your Brand.
  6. To Improve The After-sales Experience.


Content Marketing has a wide influence on the SEO strategies of a website.

We know that presently it isn’t enough just to produce content with single keywords in the middle of the texts or use link building in large amounts without quality.

The development of the Google search algorithm was tremendous and it already manages to perceive what the relevant content is for the user.

Data similar to CTR in the SERP, time spent on the web page, and quality of the links referenced in the texts are analyzed and impact the positioning.


Content Marketing also serves as a channel of interaction with your brand so that clients can talk with your company, clarify doubts and shoot suggestions.

Getting the audience’s attention and making them share your content with their followers on social media, for instance, is a form of spontaneous advertising.

Whether it’s through a blog, helpdesk, video training, or social media, content that you produce can have a high potential for public engagement.


The reason why I included this in one of the content marketing aims is that It’s important to note that for more expansive to be your base Leads, not all people are ready to consume your product or service.

That doesn’t mean they will never be your customers.

In many cases, what is missing is a little more information until those people see value in what your company offers.

In doing so, they will have the structure/fit to be able to use and have a good experience with your product or service.

Through Content Marketing it is possible to nurture those Leads with relevant material that will prepare them until the ideal purchase moment arrives.

That way, you don’t outright dismiss a poorly prepared prospect, and you do postpone the purchase until a more favorable occasion.


Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is; as the name itself reveals; how important your business spends on average to acquire a new customer.

And if your company invests in Content Marketing and SEO; naturally new possible customers will enter your website in an organic and recurring way; without you having to make more of an effort to do so.


Just as marketing has changed, the same is true for the way the public sees brands and makes purchases.

This is the most important of the content marketing aims because producing quality content makes your company grow into an authority in the market and, therefore, gain confidence.

A company that’s investing time to produce free content for its customers; as well as delivering value for those people will be remembered more compared to a competitor who does the opposite.

In addition, by talking about people and not about your company; you’re creating chances for that audience to spread your brand to their network of contacts; once their problems have been answered, they will be suitable to share your content with their buddies with similar problems.


Finally, the last point concerns the 6 content marketing aims.

It can be a FAQ, help center, online training, or even a customer-focused Email Marketing flow.

In other words, doing Content Marketing for the customer is a considerable force in ensuring retention and loyalty.

A good after-sales experience is essential for your customer to continue using your company’s services or products for longer.

If there’s anything I missed on the 6 content marketing aims, do let me know in the comments section below……

7 steps/tips to create quality content for your blog and website

Alternative text: Content Marketing Strategy

Surely you have already wondered what type of content is the most appropriate for you, or not? Creating quality content for your website and blog that attracts attention and increases the level of participation of your readers is not that difficult.

Today, companies spend a lot of money on content marketing, and it is one of the best decisions they can make. But not all do the same: a few articles or an FAQ page is not enough.

It may seem like the only solution to stand out on Google is to create tons of content. Luckily there is a better way to do it.

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How to create quality content for your website

The most important thing is to create high-quality content and to know the tips of writing seo friendly content. Creating unforgettable content doesn’t happen in a couple of hours, and it can come at a cost. This is why you have to make sure you get the most out of the content you create. Share your content on all possible channels and in different ways.

Don’t be afraid to make decisions

Make sure you know a lot about the topic you are sharing. When you share information on a specific topic that you know a lot about, it will look more genuine and be of much more value.

For example, if you work in a hotel or travel world, you will not be the only one. Therefore, you have to make decisions to stand out.

By targeting a specific audience, it will be easier for you to create high-quality content.

Reduce your content to improve

What is more important to you? Has your website been full of content or been recognized for the unforgettable content you share?

When you have an idea about a topic to write about, ask yourself the following question:

 “Do you think your readers are also interested in the same thing?”

Be more selective with the content you share, analyze what your readers are most interested in. Share high-value content for your audience.

 Use all the information you have

Surely you have a lot of information about your business and your customers. You can use that data in two ways: to see what people are looking for or to tailor your content to the reader.

A great example would be Zalando. Thanks to its technology, they can see what piece of clothing you have looked for in their store for the last time. Have you found that same garment on your social networks? It’s because Zalando already knows what you’re interested in, and using this information they create “personalized” content.

Another example might be IBM’s Watson robot. This robot analyzes your activities in its marketing blog and, depending on this, it shares with you other articles that could be interesting for you.

Share useful content

When you share useful content for your audience, you attract their attention more. But how do you know what kind of content is useful to your audience?

Gathering information with tons of tools that already exist and are purpose-built for it. This information can help you create high-quality content.

There are topics that people have not yet discovered, that are not yet looking for, or that are difficult to anticipate, as there are trends that have yet to be discovered.

Make content entertaining

Stories can be told in millions of ways. So why read yours?

  • It is genuine and authentic
  • Because the content is relevant
  • Also becauase your point of view is creative and it is what differentiates your story from the others.

Make sure your content is seen by your audience

Surely you have already thought of an SEO strategy to optimize your content and make it one of the most viewed. This strategy can help you a lot, but it is not enough.

In countries like the US, 20% of the marketing budget goes for content creation, and the rest is dedicated to the distribution and promotion of that content.

If you want your content to be found easily you have to:

  • Approach your readers directly with your content (such as by email)
  • Invest in building your audience
  • Create a network of influencers and ambassadors to share your content
  • Find ways to spread your content, through your own channels (social networks) or advertising.

Give your content another purpose and recycle it

From the moment you promote and distribute your content, you will realize that the cost has been well worth it. Creating high-quality content has its advantages, and that is why you should reuse it as many times as you can.

Jay Baer, the founder of “Convince and Convert” is popular for his informative videos on different topics that are only 3 minutes long. He reuses his content by converting it into different formats and then publishes them on his social networks. These can be podcasts, articles for your blog, or other pages…..

Repurposing your content can drive more traffic to your page. Make sure that from time to time you update your content:

you want to make it unforgettable, but you don’t want to forget about it.

Be critical of your own content

Even if your content is fine for you, put yourself in the shoes of your readers.

Is it what you would like to read on other blogs?

If your answer is “No”, think about changing the content.

And I don’t mean starting from scratch, but there may be things that would be better to remove, or maybe add more detail.

A good idea may be to organize brainstorming sessions to collect as many ideas as possible. This will help you in the process of creating and analyzing your unforgettable content. You will also have other points of view.

I hope you put these tips into practice and tell me if they worked for you!

How to do Content Marketing

Content Marketing without a well-designed strategy is not enough to generate maximum results. We just need to know How content marketing works? The method has proven results, but time must be set aside for planning and strategy.

There are several ways to apply and execute a good Content Marketing strategy. Some ways can be:


Rich Contents;


Social networks;

Email Marketing.

As you can see, Content Marketing is not just writing a text on a blog or creating a post on Facebook and expecting the results to magically appear on your table.

You need to think about what to write when to publish, in which channel to promote, what format to use, which person to reach, and what result you want to obtain.

Only by having the objectives mapped and the goals defined can you begin to expect good results when working with Content Marketing.

the example of hundreds of clients that we have, the blog has proven to be a spectacular channel.

This happens because only with a blog in your own domain, do you get to have total control in all the Content Marketing actions.

A blog is the most common form of attraction on the internet. With good content and proper SEO optimization, the blog is the best way for you to get traffic.

 A profitable relationship via Email Marketing and social networks also helps in generating traffic for your business.

Many times the blog is the gateway for future clients. Therefore, it is important that your business blog is relevant and captures the user’s attention. Only then, that user will become a Lead and, in the future, a customer.

If you already have a blog or are thinking of creating one for your business, it is important to take care with some points when putting this type of plan into practice:

Keep a frequency in the posts

Alternative text: Planning a good Content Marketing Strategy

To discover what the ideal periodicity is for your company, take into consideration its size, your competition, and the team available to produce content (it is important that the frequency of publication of posts does not affect the quality of the material).

Another important factor is to keep a register and a calendar of posts. Being regular helps keep visitors coming back to your website. If you add those returns to new daily visits, you will see that it is worth maintaining that regularity.

One of the ways to maintain a loyal audience is, precisely, to make it understand the periodicity of blog posts. Your visitors will find it strange if you post twice in a week, ten times the following week, once the third week, and again ten times the next week.

It’s true that studies show that the more new posts, the more chances your blog has to stand out from the competition. However, it only happens if the increase in quantity is not going to affect the quality. Here, the qualitative index always comes before the quantitative one.

Therefore, the most important thing is to be regular. Whether with daily, weekly, or fortnightly publications, the most recommended is to maintain that frequency so that your audience knows how your company’s blog works and perceives that everything is being done in an organized way.

Guidelines Planning

To have maximum effectiveness in your Content Marketing strategy, the topics that will be addressed in the blog cannot be random. One of the secrets to a successful blog is, precisely, not to run away from the central theme.

Make a forecast of how many posts per month or week you can produce for your blog without getting repetitive or disorganized. If your blog is extremely niche-specific, for example, it may be more difficult to find daily topics.

The main advice is to create a guideline planning in advance, based on the problems that your person faces and on the different stages of the Buying Process.

 In this way, you can foresee what the next issues will be, better organize the content of your blog and, at the same time, maintain the editorial focus and the diversity of topics.

Also, consider Google searches based on the topic you want to write about. It is important to give priority to those who have searched so that your blog is more easily found.

Remember to optimize the text for Google

After doing topic planning and defining the frequency of publications, it is important to follow good SEO practices so that your publications are well positioned in Google results. Ultimately, your website needs to be found!

Define a keyword to emphasize in the post and follow some SEO On-Page optimization techniques. There are many ways to optimize a post but, summarizing the technique well, remember to place the keyword in the following attributes:

Post title;

Post URL;

Description of the post;

Alt-text of the images;

At least in 1 Heading <H2> of the text.

On the other hand, it is advisable to use the keyword at the beginning of the text and also spread it throughout the post.

But be careful not to write your article with just search engine optimization in mind. Also, think about the user experience before posting. Will the article be helpful? Is it relevant to the problem you have? Does the title match the content?

It is important to combine SEO with the user experience since the Google algorithm is quite advanced and manages to identify some qualitative criteria of the text. So no stuffing with disconnected keywords. It needs to make sense!

Diversify the type of communication

Another very important factor for well-written content is structure. It is essential to keep in mind that reading on the Internet is different from reading a book, magazine, or newspaper.

There are many distractions on the Internet, and it is common for the user to lose attention in case the text is not attractive at the beginning or is not scannable.

For example, very long pieces of text, without any rest for the eyes, usually cause discomfort for the user.

Therefore, whenever possible, enrich your blog with titles, lists, bullets (bullet points), bold, italics, images, infographics, videos, etc.

In addition to being a great way to improve the user experience, it is a habit valued by Google.

Let me know what I missed out on these 6 Content Marketing Aims and I’ll make sure to add it in my next post….

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Content Marketing Aims

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